McLaren and Local Residents Working Together for a Better Woking

Wednesday September 11th 2019

On Sunday, around 30 volunteers from McLaren joined up with members of the Horsell Common Preservation Society (HCPS), to work on maintaining the Commons that boarder the company’s main Woking campus. The areas surrounding the McLaren Technology and Production Centres are home to rare and protected species, such as ground-nesting birds that can only breed in the specific conditions of the heathlands.

Employees teamed up with local residents to clear birch and pine scrub, to protect this rich biodiversity for future generations. These efforts are part of McLaren’s long-term commitment to supporting the local community and improving the sustainability of their operations.

The HCPS was founded in 1910 to manage and protect the Common for the local community, taking ownership of the land in 1968. To date, the society is responsible for 1,000 acres of public land, which makes up around 80% of the natural open space in the borough.

Paul Rimmer, Estate Manager of the HCPS, reflected on the positive relationship that has been fostered between the two groups.

“The Horsell Common Preservation Society and McLaren have enjoyed a successful relationship spanning over 20 years. Our strong relationship, which has produced amazing public and wildlife benefits such as the development of McLaren Park and the Heather Farm Wetlands, are clear examples of how our collaboration has been so successful.”

As a town, it’s encouraging to feel the benefits of businesses who are committed to preserving the local community. Long may this continue!


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