Cooking up a storm: Andrew O’Keefe

Friday May 31st 2019

If you’re anything like us, you’ll love eating out in Woking. We have a fantastic food scene because our town attracts people from all over the world and it shows in the diversity and richness of our restaurants.


We caught up with talented Woking chef Andrew O’Keefe to find out more about him, including what he loves about our town. 


So Andrew, have you always lived in Woking?

No, I’m originally from Dublin, but work brought me here about 13 years ago. I work in and around Woking as well as different parts of Guildford. 



What do you love about your job?

I love the creative side of being a chef. I love working with fresh food and bringing people together to make them happy. Food brings all cultures together and it’s a common thread that unites everyone.



We totally agree! It’s one of the things that makes Woking so special – our cultural diversity means we have loads of very different restaurants serving up amazing food. Do you have any favourite places to eat in Woking?

I like going to Araceli’s, the little Mexican place. Then there’s Jeitta the Lebanese Restaurant, which is very good. The Turkish Kitchen at the top of the high street is also very nice. The reason I like them is because it’s all very freshly made food and the quality is excellent.  



They sound delicious! So we know you love good food and eating out, but what else do you like to do in Woking?

I go drinking, clubbing, dancing, socializing and to the gym. I love music and dance. The nightlife is really good in Woking, with the right crowd of people – it’s improved a lot over the last few years. The Council have worked with the town to make sure there’s no antisocial behavior on the weekend. The Slug & Lettuce is really great if you want to have a boogie on a Saturday night. If you want some really good live music, then there’s also O’Neills.



You’ve really settled in here in Woking. What do you love most about the town?

It’s a small community and everybody knows everyone else, which is lovely. The community is really positive and you meet some amazing people. I have some amazing friends and a big social circle, and my family love coming over to visit. The relationships that I have with people in my life are positive and that’s one of my favourite things. 

The restaurants and coffee bars are perfect to hang out with friends too. It’s become more accommodating for different cultures, which is great. I’m very positive and optimistic about the future. 



Can you sum up Woking in once sentence?

Fun – I like it! I could go into town anytime of day and start talking to people and I guarantee that people know me. I like stopping and talking to the people around so it’s lovely that way. 



Thanks, Andrew – you’re so enthusiastic about the town, you’re totally our kind of person! And thanks for giving us some tips on Woking’s food and night life too… now excuse us while we plan our next night out!



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