Brookwood Cemetery heritage destination

Wednesday August 5th

If you’d lived in London following the choleric epidemic of 1848-49, it’s likely that you would have taken a train from Waterloo Station direct to Woking’s Brookwood Cemetery to bury your loved one. And your dead loved one would have come on the train with you.

Now Brookwood Cemetery’s fascinating history will be protected forever following a decision by Woking Borough Council to support the ongoing conservation of this working cemetery and encourage visitors to explore this globally significant heritage site.

A Grade I listed park and garden, the beautiful and tranquil Brookwood Cemetery is a place of architectural, historical and cultural importance. New visitor facilities will provide opportunities for learning and shared cultural experiences, and will include a café, walking trail with information points and zoning, education centre and the intriguingly titled ‘Museum of Death’.

Central to the Council’s vision is a sustainable working cemetery that provides a dignified and respectful resting place for Woking’s deceased, of all faiths and none, and all future development will support this objective.

Brookwood Cemetery is an absorbing and peaceful place, and the Council’s new plans will keep it that way for generations to come.


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