IMM hits the right note

Monday June 22nd

Woking-based music organisation Intergenerational Music Making (IMM) has been tackling the problem of loneliness during lockdown by using creativity and the arts to keep the local community connected.

Building bridges between generations and those most impacted by the crisis through its #CaretoCreate campaign, IMM said its pioneering music-making and artistic projects which it has been sharing online has been a real success.

“Over the past 11 weeks, we’ve had an incredible response to the #CaretoCreate initiative. Families and children from all over Woking, and further afield, have been joyfully sharing their creativity with others.”
- Charlotte Miller, IMM founder.

IMM specialises in unique music projects which aim to improve the mental and emotional health of the younger and older generations. The groups have been unable to meet in person since the beginning of lockdown.

Since mid-March, people have been sharing their best creative endeavours, including postcards, art work, poetry, music playlists and videos – all of which have been shared with everyone involved, including patients in NHS wards, as part of this heart-warming programme.

“The gratitude expressed to us by residents and staff in care homes is also a really strong indicator of the positive power of the arts. We hope that the #CaretoCreate programme helps to inspire strong intergenerational relationships well into the future while improving the mental and emotional wellbeing of all age groups.”
- Charlotte Miller

A non-profit group, IMM was established by Charlotte to commemorate her grandmother.

“We believe everyone should have the chance to live life to the full and our intergenerational music programmes give children and older people a real opportunity to do just that. Working together, they create music projects that they can feel proud of and gain an increased sense of belonging. It’s exciting, engaging and really enjoyable.”
- Charlotte Miller

To find out more, visit, or to submit your work of art, send it in to IMM’s head office, or post on social media using the tags @IMMCaretocreate and #CaretoCreate.

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