Wednesday December 23rd

December 28th is National Call a Friend Day.

Although we have had to stay apart this year, we have come closer together as a community in Woking. The support and acts of kindness shown towards others has really boosted community spirit to help us all through these tough times!

This Christmas has been quite a different one, too, especially as we cannot see each other in person. So, on National Call a Friend Day, take a few moments to reach out and contact that one person you’ve been meaning to talk to.

With travel limited and social gatherings subject to restrictions, it’s really important to maintain relationships with our friends and families. It will mean so much to someone if you call and let them know you are thinking of them. Just drop what you’re doing, pick up the phone, have a friendly chat and show someone you care!

There are plenty of other great ways to stay in touch - you can check in with someone on social media, send them an instant message, or why not send a handwritten letter or card!

By taking the time to reach out on National Call a Friend Day, we can continue to support one another and get through these uncertain times together.

Remember, if you are struggling and need someone to chat to, there are lots of supportive local resources available:

- Knaphill, St. John’s, Brookwood Volunteer’s Support Group: Email or call 01483388081

- Catalyst: Call 01483590150

- Woking Mind: Get in touch at or call 07801931831

We can also all stay connected on the #WEAREWOKING social channels.


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