Tuesday August 11th

The Woking Photographic Society has been unable to hold its annual exhibition in Wolsey Walk, so the club has held its exhibition online.

Members’ submitted nearly 30 entries, each entry consisted of a panel of five separate images of a specific subject which ranged from fancy dress to underwater photography, hot air balloons, insects and travel.

The entries were appraised during the clubs regular online meetings by respected judge Roger Mendham LRPS, and two female photographers were awarded top marks.

Cath Ind came top of the pile in the Open PDI set with her entry ‘Lucca Life’ - the depiction of life in an Italian town. The images were praised by Mendham as “a depiction of the purity of street life…a luminous quality captured beautifully. These wonderful images of Lucca are the deserved winner.”

Cath said: ““The images were taken during a holiday in northern Italy. I enjoyed the challenge of capturing scenes of everyday life as the Italians went about their business – which generally involving talking, whether to their friends, a waitress, or on the phone or cycling and chatting at the same time! They were far too absorbed to notice me photographing them.”

‘Lucca Life’ - the depiction of life in an Italian town

‘Lucca Life’ - the depiction of life in an Italian town 2

‘Lucca Life’ - the depiction of life in an Italian town 3

The winning entry in the Advanced PDI set was ‘Getting to know the Neighbours’, - insects in the garden, by Diana Uzun.

She said: “I photographed these fascinating insects in my wildlife garden between April and June using a macro lens, which enables focus at a very short distance. I find insects fascinating in their variety and behaviour. I’m very attractive to mosquitos, despite them selecting me as lunch while ignoring my friends but, thanks to photography, I can now discern male from female by their long furry antenna. While females need mammalian blood for egg production, males don’t and therefore don’t bite. So, I had no fear of hanging around a male with my camera."

"Unfortunately insect populations are collapsing all over the globe, and while we may find them pesky nuisances, they play an important part in our survival. It’s not only bees that need to be saved. All insects are crucial, both for pollination and as members of the food chain. If we lose our insects, we risk losing everything that depends on them as a food source.”

President Rob Bonfield said: “Di’s images captured the interesting minutiae of insect life in our back gardens. I’m delighted with the overall standard of entries, and congratulate the worthy winners with their depiction of two different genres – street and nature photography.”

‘Getting to know the Neighbours’, - insects in the garden

‘Getting to know the Neighbours’, - insects in the garden 2

‘Getting to know the Neighbours’, - insects in the garden 3

The club’s new season of meetings will kick off online on 1 September, and run with a full programme until circumstances change and the club can resume its regular meetings at the Parkview Centre in Sheerwater. For more details see the website: www.wokingps.uk; or Facebook: WokingPS, or Instagram: Wokingps


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