6 Summer Spots in Woking

Wednesday June 12th 2019

You don’t have to go too far from home this summer to get that holiday feeling and with the choice of 22 parks and recreation grounds to choose from in Woking, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

We’ve picked six super spots to spend a sunny day in Woking – read on to find your next day out!

1. Horsell Common: Horsell Common is an 880-acre open space in Horsell, about a 12-minute drive from Woking. Perfect for exercising and getting some fresh air, Horsell Common is a brilliant place to stretch your legs and spot ots of wildlife too. Owned and managed by the Horsell Common Preservation Society, the common has a 380 acre biological Site of Special Scientific Interest – the society and it’s volunteers work very hard to help maintain the variety of wildlife that live there. And fun fact - The Sandpit area was the location of the first Martian landing in H.G. Wells' 1898 novel The War of the Worlds!


2. Pyrford Common: Stop someone on the streets of Woking and ask them if they have ever visited Pyrford – chances are they will say yes! This much loved common has brought joy to the people of Woking for years, with many parents and grand parents playing here as children and now bringing their own children and grandchildren to run on the green, explore the woodlands and play in the park.


3. Woking Park:  This Park has everything from 3G football pitches to a big jungle themed playground! Visitors can take their pick from a large open green where county cricket is sometimes played, a large pond with ducks, swans and geese or a skateboard park with ramps ! Best of all, the park has great transport connections from Woking station, making it accessible for many. A must visit!


4. Kitty Trips: For anyone looking for a novel way to unwind and relax this summer, Kitty Trips is a unique way to enjoy Woking from a whole new angle. Cruise up the beautiful surroundings of the Basingstoke Canal, tootle past Horsell Common and experience Woking from the peaceful perspective of a boat trip. Each trip lasts just over one-hour and they run throughout the summer months!


5. Westfield Common: With boundaries that have been little reduced since 1719, Westfield Common has been recognised as a regionally important Site of Nature Conservation. The area supports nationally scarce plants in the chamomile family and in aquatic species, with populations of Great Crested Newts found in two ponds in the Common. Perhaps not surprising given that it has species-rich areas of wet woodland, drains and ponds – perfect for wildlife watching.


6. WWF Living Planet Centre: Whilst not a park or open area, the WWF Living Planet Centre is still well worth a visit on a good day. One of the greenest buildings in the UK, not only is it the heart of a charity but is also a beautiful education and visitor centre. Explore the four interactive zones and immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of nature – this place is well worth a visit in more ways than one!



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